3 Steps to Loving What You’re Learning

Before we get to the Three Steps . . .

Do you ever feel FRUSTRATED in school?

Ever just want to give up? You are trying your best, but the connections just don’t seem to be happening. You take a test, and every stitch of memory seems to have vanished.

Or maybe you do great on tests, but there is always that nagging thought in the back of your mind … are you really learning anything? Or just going through the motions?

Perhaps you are always hurrying to finish schoolwork so you can get to what you really love. And it seems like forever until you graduate and start turning your interests into your career.

But, with our History Revealed curriculum, you get a chance right now to start integrating that interest—whatever it is—into your schoolwork!

2 Graphic design studentsTake graphic design, for example. You might love playing with this, but have little to no time in your schedule as you have to keep up with all your studies. That’s frustrating, right?

But, there are lots of options for incorporating graphic design into your history studies! And, no matter what interests you might have, there will be a way to blend them into History Revealed!

So, with that in play, school doesn’t have to be boring, frustrating, or stressful!  Instead it can be fun, purposeful, and creative!

The First Step

The first step forward is to understand both your unique approach to learning and the ways you’re smart. Are you verbal? visual? logical? artistic? Are you an athlete? Or a singer? Do you love to organize outings or tinker with inventions? Discovering your strengths and style will unlock the door to real and meaningful education for you.

The Second Step

The second step is choosing your projects and the ways you want to engage with them—based on what you really enjoy doing. Your history projects will now fit you to a T!

So, if you’ve always wanted to know more about the the Great Pyramid in Egypt? … or Gregorian Chant in the Middle Ages? Or the development of the tank in WWI? … well, here’s your chance!

The secret is that when you love something, learning about it is exciting!

History Revealed is designed to help you learn history by doing what you love!  And, as you keep going through history, you’ll find new things to love!

Tanks of WWI

The Third Step

The third step is expressing what you have learned in the way that is most effective for you. No more long research papers or oral presentations….unless, of course, that’s what you want!

How about trying a play on Julius Caesar? 

Or a graphic design poster for the invasion of the Vikings in 793 A.D.?

Or an architectural model of the Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria?

Or decorating a cake showing the history of transportation?

Isn’t this WILD? And fun???

Our History Revealed curriculum is designed to help you to learn in the most effective and enthralling way possible—so that you will love engaging in your studies, so that you can grow in understanding, making connections, and develop your gifts and strengths!