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The Learning "Cycle"

Whether you are teaching elementary, middle school or high school students—or a mix of ages—you can quickly see in the Lesson Planner the kinds of activities they’ll be doing in the Month At A Glance page.

Each chapter, or “unit,” is covered in four weeks, with each week being dedicated to one approach to learning, using a variety of activities.

In Week 1, your students are introduced to the time period through listening, reading, playing, and discussing.

In Week 2, they’ll have the opportunity to choose some aspect of the time period to learn about more deeply and, then, to share what they’ve learned with the rest of you—in traditional OR non-traditional ways.

In Week 3, the culture of the era is the focus—including art, architecture, music, science, even cooking!—along with exploring the geography of the time and doing hands-on, fun activities.

In Week 4, your students will creatively wrap up their journey through this particular moment of time, sharing elements of what has been learned—choosing the way they find most interesting.

One month at a glance in the Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Lesson Planner

Help Your Students Do the Work of Learning

What does that mean? In what ways do you “help” your students?

In each of week of the four-week learning cycle, your students will have different tasks to accomplish. You help them do their work in these ways:

    • Providing basic items for these tasks—such as simple art materials, cooking ingredients, or a trip to the library—with the help of the Planning Your Week pages in the Lesson Planner;
    •  Listening carefully and gently advising as students decide which options they want to pursue (suggested questions for you to ask are given in the Planning Your Week pages);
    • Brainstorm together possible ways to overcome obstacles, or even change activities, if they get stuck.

Planning Week 1

Planning for Week 1

Planning Week 2

Planning Week 3

Planning Week 4

Discover the Adventure Along With Your Kids!

Month At a Glance—how you become the audience
happy high school girl using a paint brush to paint on a canvas on an easel

A Homeschool Student's Experience with History Revealed

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do fun projects and  interesting research. You have no idea just how much I loved trying out the new recipes, researching on people who impacted our world today, exploring music of the era and even getting my hands dirty to paint and re-create a picture. It was truly so exciting to flip through the pages to choose what to do. There were many times that I couldn’t choose what to do as everything looked so interesting.

Thank you for giving us the option to do more on the area we really like, as that not only motivated me because I was interested to find out more, but also because I never really had the opportunity to do such fun stuff as homework! I remember so much more information thru these projects than I have through memorizing facts and writing them down on paper. I can honestly say that I retained so much from what I learnt as you taught it with such energy and passion and let history really shine through.”

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Ancient History Curriculum

Beginning with the creation of the world, this curriulum title continues—with a constant focus on Jewish history—all the way to the early Roman Empire; and the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.



Middle Ages Curriculum

How was the world changed by the resurrection of Jesus and the birth of the Church? In this title, we examine the fast-growing movement of Christianity throughout the known world—and weave it into the history of the 1st through the 18th centuries.


Modern History Curriculum

In the modern era, what part has Christianity played in bringing hope and new life to a suffering world? Though it's not all good news, people inspired by the Spirit of God have given everything to serve others. With this constant reminder of God's loving-kindness, we tackle some of the the most difficult times in world history.

Online Courses with Diana

If your student would enjoy being part of an online class, this year we are offering Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries, and, also World Empires, World Missions, World Wars. I "teach" through recorded lectures, while a kind, generous teacher handles the live classes.

American History Through Music

Though they seem quite "out of fasion" in our modern culture, these are books with American folk songs and the stories behind them. Learn a bit of American history and experience the joy of America's folk songs. Great fun for singing along!

World History Audio CD's & Mp3's

If you love listening to stories (at a rapid pace!), you'll LOVE these audio recordings. Even if you are using a different curriculum for history, these audio recordings will add so much more depth and WOW-factor!