Welcome to my homeschool blog, which offers insights into loving learning, loving your family, loving history, loving homeschooling, and enjoying your life! With your cup of coffee in hand, take a break to laugh with me, to have your heart refreshed, to be reminded of how cool your kids really are, and to consider the amazing adventure of being a homeschool mom. AND, if you are interested in the History Revealed curriculum, be sure to check out my Teaching Tips!

Read the instruction book. . .

You know, I hadn’t watched TV since 1992 until this past year. Wow, what a statement! It rather resoundingly puts me into that category of “weird people,” doesn’t it? However, this post is not actually about the pros and cons of TV-watching. So, to continue. Though I don’t watch TV 

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Intentional living. . .

I made a mistake yesterday. Actually, I’ve made the same mistake time and time again.  And, as I thought about it this morning, I thought YOU might take some good from my mistake. So, here it goes. I had been speaking at a wonderful homeschool convention in Michigan. One of

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Demystifying Education, Part Two

In the last post, we looked at the first Demystifier—children are always learning.  Today, we’ll take that a step further. Demystifier #2: It’s not really learning until it changes you. Learning changes you. Getting it right on the test doesn’t mean you have learned it. I took a test to

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Demystifying Education, Part One

In our quest to educate our children, sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. You know what I mean.  There you are, trying to manueuver three children (or 1 or 6 or 12) through math (or lit or science or history), and it doesn’t look anything like school. 

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If it’s in with the new, then it’s out with the old. . .

On January 4, I wrote, “More than any other teacher on the planet, you can be flexible with your lesson plan and schedule.  If you see a sudden interest arising in your student, then make it a priority, change your schedule, and allow it in your lesson plan.” So, what

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January 2013
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