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If You Feel Like Quitting

It’s MARCH!! So, even if there’s snow on the ground, ice on the streets, or rain on our heads, we know that spring is on its way. And that certainty—that winter is giving way to spring—gives us hope, doesn’t it?

That’s what happened to me last weekend. I was seeking advice at a garden shop when I spied these little lovelies.

They were such a promise of spring to my heart that they had to come home with me. Though it’s much to early to put them out in the garden, setting them on the table reminds me every day that winter is nearly over.

These tiny daffodils are a great analogy for today’s topic—When You Feel Like Quitting.

Are you weary. . .discouraged. . .disillusioned? There are so many reasons to feel this way:

  • sick kids;
  • marital issues;
  • exhaustion;
  • pregnancy;
  • financial struggles;
  • uncooperative kids;
  • guilt-inducing curriculum;
  • and the list goes on and on.

When we lose hope that things will ever change, it becomes nearly impossible to keep going.

That’s where the daffodils come in to the story. You see, change is coming. New opportunities and new life are just around the corner.We don’t see at this moment what it will look like, but the God who loves us is at work in our lives and situations. And I can guarantee you that there is LIFE ahead, because He is the Author and Giver of Life!!

So what can you set on your table at this point in your life to remind you of what’s coming? Have your kids made some sweet little art project out of PlayDough or Legos recently? Make it the centerpiece of your table right now. Turn it into a celebration of the new season you are about to enter. . .as your children grow into the next stage of life.


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