Welcome to my homeschool blog, which offers insights into loving learning, loving your family, loving history, loving homeschooling, and enjoying your life! With your cup of coffee in hand, take a break to laugh with me, to have your heart refreshed, to be reminded of how cool your kids really are, and to consider the amazing adventure of being a homeschool mom. AND, if you are interested in the History Revealed curriculum, be sure to check out my Teaching Tips!

Our children engaging their own education—a true story!

Writing might not be your child’s passion, it might be mechanics or science or swimming. . . But whatever it is, if they engage it, they will work harder than you can imagine—and find rewards far beyond an “A” on some test. In January, 1999, my thirteen year old daughter,

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Actively Engage Learning. . .

In the last five blogs, we have considered these things: the possibility that our students, including high schoolers, can enjoy learning; the notion that learning, though hard work, can be pleasurable; the concept that all learning has the possibility of being studied with pleasure; the hope that teachers can teach

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The Power of Laughter in Learning

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine.  Terry Small is “The Brain Guy”—and one of the most engaging speakers on the planet!  He talks about learning and about the brain—how dry is that, right? But I have watched him hold an audience in the palm

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The Power of Enjoyment in Learning

Well here’s a wild thought for you: In the seventeenth century, a Christian teacher named John Comenius, came to believe that it was possible for students to enjoy learning. But before we get into that, let’s look at educational ideas that had come before. I’d like to quote a bit

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Study with Pleasure

Since enjoying learning—especially for teens—is so radically different from the normal approach, may I continue to introduce you, one by one, to the people and Scriptures that have brought this to life for me? I hope you’re nodding your head right now.  Not nodding off, mind you!  That would take

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February 2013
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