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Let kids MOVE!

Let kids MOVE!

What on earth do we do with those kids who seem to constantly fidget and bounce and doodle and roll and jump and run and dance? Prepare yourself, because this might seem simplistic. The answer to the question of dealing with kids who won’t sit still is: Let Them Move!!

Goodness, why didn’t I think of that?

It took years of having a tree-climbing, hall-running, constantly-in-motion child before I finally realized that trying to force him into the sit-down-and-don’t-move-while-you-study mold was utterly worthless. He didn’t learn, we didn’t enjoy our efforts, and I was weary of trying to hold back the irrepressible energy of youth.

What was astonishing to me was the change that happened when, instead of trying to hold back that energy, I began to harness it. When we encouraged Michael to move, when we gave opportunities to express what he was learning through action, when I opened the door to physical exercise (at least a few times during the day), he began to thrive. Thrive!

Isn’t that amazing? When we work with the natural gifts of our children, everything begins to. . .well. . .work. And, letting kids move can change their entire learning experience.

Let them move!There are movers and shakers, speakers and makers. Potentially, there are budding artists, athletes, dancers, actors, mechanics, musicians, chefs, cartoonists, interior designers, carpenters, and jugglers living in your home, waiting for the opportunity to MOVE!

So, as it makes sense in your situation—when appropriate and in measured quantities—let your children learn while moving, singing, bouncing, acting, jumping, dancing, juggling, acting, running, tumbling, rolling, throwing, climbing, drawing. . . the sky’s the limit.

And, since this does not look like “normal school,” I’d like to gently remind you to enjoy the ride!

BTW, our mover and shaker still enjoys learning—he finished his B.A. and is now applying for grad school.

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