World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Essentials Pack


  • The World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Essentials Pack includes: Teacher Guide, Student Manual, What in the World Volume 3 CD Set, Test Kit, Rubric Set, Quick-Start Guide and Basic Lesson Plan
  • Save Over $20 on the Essentials Pack over buying these materials separately!
  • Wonderful starter pack for learning about modern world history from the Napoleonic Wars to the Korean War

Product Details

Why buy the World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Essentials Pack?

All you need to “open and go” is included:

  • Quick Start Guide to help you easily navigate through the 4-Phase structure;
  • Basic Lesson Plan to give you confidence for each week’s activities;
  • Teacher Guide to provide helpful background information, suggested resources, motivating suggestions, and much more;
  • Student Manual to introduce each era, offer multiple topics for further exploration, encourage hands-on participation, and invite creative expression;
  • What in the World Vol 3 audio CD brings history to life with audio instruction and stories;
  • Rubrics Set to help student know what is expected, and to help parent/teacher evaluate the student’s creative work (qualitative assessment);
  • Test Kit to allow students to demonstrate what they’ve learned (quantitative assessment).

For value-conscious homeschoolers, save money and time by purchasing Essentials Pack rather than each individual item.

Ensure that students use a curriculum that includes Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic activities. (If students like audio products, they would also enjoy True Tales Vol 3 and Digging Deeper Vol 3 audio CDs to accompany this unit.)

List of Chapters

  • Unit One: Napoleon & Early Missions
  • Unit Two: Industrialization & the Church’s Response
  • Unit Three: The British Empire & Awakenings
  • Unit Four: Napoleon III & Christian Outreach
  • Unit Five: Alliances & Revivals
  • Unit Six: World War I & the Russian Revolutions
  • Unit Seven: Fascism & Fundamentals
  • Unit Eight: World War II & Miraculous Deliverances
  • Unit Nine: Early Cold War & Renewed Vision

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