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Why History?

Why History?

Today I want to talk honestly with you about a foundational aspect of history. . .one that could actually change your life.

Why History?

In the 30 years of writing and speaking about history to homeschoolers in this nation and around the world, I’ve often encountered an attitude that history is merely an academic subject. Many people view it simply as:

a graduation requirement;

a group of random names, dates, places that few find interesting;

a boring, tedious subject for most;

a fairly useless area of study, apart from providing history teachers a job.

As homeschool parents, it often feels like one of those classes you simply have to get your kids through—like grammar. You look for textbooks that “might” be interesting enough to help your kids make it to the end of the year. When your kids complain that it’s not interesting, it’s boring, and they can’t remember it, you square up and say, “Well, guess what? That’s what EVERYBODY thinks, and they make it through. I know because I did. So, quit complaining and get back to studying.”

I understand! The history classes I had in school (prior to university) were impossible for staying awake. But, it’s not the fault of history. . . it’s the way it’s been presented to us in our public schools, even our private schools and homeschools. To understand how to change that in your own homeschool, here’s a five-minute video on “Dried Up History Facts—And How to Fix That!”

But an even more primary answer to the question, “Why History?” is that, when we go beyond a superficial glance at what has happened prior to today, we will catch brief glimpses of the penetrating work of God in the lives of people and nations. We will discover more about His ways and His faithfulness. It is much deeper and far more personal than a simple recounting of “church history.” All of life—and all of history—vibrates with the pulse of His redeeming love. We don’t always see it, just as we seldom recognize that the entire universe is held together by His unfailing power.

I encountered God’s faithfulness in history when I was a young homeschool mom, teaching my 11, 9, and 7 year-old children. The early 90s was a fearful time to be a mom, as the headlines screamed unrest, terrorism, scandal, and more. Friends of mine had even chosen to not have children because the days seemed so terrifying and unstable. And, yet, as my kids and I made our way through ancient history—with constant reference to the Old Testament to learn where it fit with the history we were studying—I became increasingly aware that God kept providing, leading, delivering, and redeeming. The startling piece was that He not only did that for the children of Israel, but for people, leaders, and even nations that did not know Him.

One day, I realized that this redeeming God of history was also leading me. And the fears I had held about raising children in such a tumultuous time faded before His faithfulness.

That’s why I do what I do. History is not merely an academic subject—it’s a window into the works of God through the ages. And He is the same today as He was then.

Remember, stay relational.

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