Tracing Ideas in History

Tracing Ideas in History with a Biblical Framework

For History Revealed, this concept (which follows from learning the chronology of both “sacred” and “secular” history) seeks to discover the impact that ideas have on people and events.

Have you ever paused to consider how viewing history through the lens of Scripture influences the way we see:

  • government?
  • justice?
  • ethics?
  • cultural trends?
  • art?
  • music?
  • education?
Looking through the lens of scripture to understand all of human life

What we believe impacts everything we do. That holds true for every religion, philosophy, and culture. Tracing ideas through history allows us to begin to consider their impact on people and events, discovering how “ideas have consequences.”

For example, when we consider the French Revolution, it is important to understand how the powerful ideas being discussed in French cafes deeply influenced the actual events which followed. And, just as the Bereans of the New Testament, we seek to evaluate these ideas in light of the Scriptures. In essence, we humbly look through the grid of a Biblical framework to better understand and analyze changing and developing philosophies and beliefs in their moments of history.

This level of history will help you and your children learn to ask such questions as:

  • What philosophies or ideas lay behind this historical event?
  • Does this particular event, though it is labeled “Christian,” truly reflect a Biblical perspective?
  • How have secular ideas impacted the Church?
  • How have Biblical ideas impacted the surrounding culture?

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