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Pondering Our Priorities

Pondering our Priorities in homeschooling

When we consider how—or if—we are going to accomplish all the things on our to-do list (especially as we consider the upcoming school year), we need to ponder our priorities.

Here are four steps to help you:

Step One.

Ask yourself these critical—though often overlooked—questions:

      • What opportunities should my children not miss? Why?
      • How do I give them childhood memories that will enrich their lives?
      • When should we stick to our books and when should we play in the sunshine?
      • Where does our schedule allow for creativity, imagination, and exploration?

To ponder these questions means you take time to consider the big picture. Here are five big picture points:

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Teaching Our Kids Perseverance

Teaching our kids perseverance is a challenge for any parent, but it becomes much more difficult when we homeschool. How do we help our kids learn how to stick to a task—even when it's tedious or boring? This is especially important for us to consider because there can be unintended consequences if we choose the wrong battle.

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Should Learning Be Fun??

Should learning be fun? Many people scoff at that idea. . .after all, learning is WORK. And, as many have personally experienced, work is not fun. I have a different philosophy on that. . .And I'd love to share with you how learning can be both hard work AND fun!

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History Revealed Testimonials

Anything can sound good when you read carefully worded advertising, but the question is, does it REALLY work? Here are several homeschool parents and students sharing their thoughts and experiences of my History Revealed curriculum.

Sound intriguing?


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Winning Traits of Homeschool Dads

Winning Traits of Homeschool Dads

This Father’s Day, June 19, we will celebrate dads. Today, I’d like to share the top 3 traits of homeschool dads:

    • Understanding his kids
    • Investing in his kids
    • Being intentional at home

To bring it to life, here are three of my favorite stories—all from New Zealand!

1) Understanding his kids

At a homeschool meeting in Rotorua, NZ, I was asked how to deal with the frustration kids faced in learning to write. As I tried to pull together some relevant thoughts (since teaching history is area of expertise, not writing), a Maori dad asked if he could share his thoughts—which were brilliant. (Read about it here) What impressed me most that day was that dad had obviously spent time considering the challenges his children were facing. . . He had put himself into their shoes in order to understand why it was difficult to learn, seeing things from their point of view.

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Superb blog shared!!! Being a dad this post has definitely encouraging me to understand kid and wins their heart .Thank you for gi... Read More
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