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The Three R’s – Writing and Grammar (Part 4)

When it comes to grammar, I somehow missed this subject, or at least most of it, as I moved from school to school during my father’s military days. So when it came time to teach grammar to my own children, I asked my grammar-loving husband to start the process! And, he did. With

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The Three R’s – Writing and Spelling (Part 3)

It had never occurred to me how closely spelling was connected to reading and then to writing until my middle child brought it home to me. Michael was my Energizer Bunny—runner/wiggler/climber— who was always looking for a new physical adventure and a chance to spread his wings. Now, don’t get me wrong,

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The Three R’s – Reading (Part 2)

Have you ever met a high school graduate who says, “I will NEVER crack a book again as long as I live!!”? If you have, and if you query them, you will discover (as I did) that for them, reading was an imposed chore, brain-numbingly difficult, utterly boring, and a senseless

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Teaching Multiple Levels at Once

Dear Friends, Does it ever seem like you could apply to the circus for a job spinning plates? Trying to keep this one busy with math, while that one is sounding out the alphabet, each at the same time you are simmering enough spaghetti sauce to serve an army AND

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Essentials of Homeschooling

​The Essentials  What is absolutely necessary to your homeschool? What gives you and your kids joy and freedom in this educational journey? Take a look at these three intriguing essentials. I think you will be encouraged in new ways. The first essential: YOU. Your relationship with your kids—your involvement, your love, your interaction—is

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