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What’s Right with Christmas?

I know. There are a LOT of things wrong with the way Christmas is celebrated in our culture. . . The Christmas merchandising season now begins the day after Halloween; Gift giving is increasingly more harried, hurried, and expensive; . . .to name a few. Santa Claus is more prominent

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Dear Friends, Right now, do you feel like you are overcoming. . .or are you going under? Whether struggling with illness, difficult relationships, lack of finances, unwanted changes, crushing disappointments, or numbing loss, many of us are in the midst of a storm. In this place of overwhelming need, I

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A Child Who Survived the Holocaust

What does it mean to be a survivor? We use it in many ways: those who beat cancer; those who pull through a life-threatening accident; those who overcome crippling abuse; and, those who go through war atrocities. As we learn their stories, our hearts are gripped by the real-life drama,

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The 5 senses bring history to life

My very first book in 1989 was all about bringing history to life. The premise was that American history could come to life—and be FUN—when a folk song and its history were connected to actual events. But there are lots of other fun, hands-on ways to play with history! You

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What brings history to life?

What brings history to life? A few weeks ago, I spoke to a customer on the phone.  She had ordered quite a few of my What in the World? history CDs—with some duplication—and we wanted to verify that she actually intended to order duplicates. What a delightful call that turned out

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August 2020

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